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We are so thrilled to share our space with Brittany, Dan, and Ashley. Feel free to get in touch with them directly to schedule appointments and learn more about their wonderful practices.

Acupuncture with Brittany Griffin

BrittanyBrittany Griffin L.Ac., M.S. is a nationally certified herbalist and New York state licensed acupuncturist with a four-year master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She holds a bachelor's degree from the Pennsylvania State University, where she formed a strong background in human biology and genetics. Brittany has worked as a research assistant in the neurology department at NYU Lutheran Medical Center, where she also participated in a post-graduate program on the obstetrics floor using acupuncture during active labor and delivery.

Brittany supports an integrative approach to healthcare, encouraging the use of complementary and alternative medicine through research and interdisciplinary communication. She has experience treating a wide range of conditions, with a special interest in dermatology, chronic pain, and gynecology/obstetrics.

Treatments focus on your individual constitution, making acupuncture and herbal medicine effective options for a wide array of health conditions. During your first visit, Brittany will do a thorough intake of your current complaint(s) as well as your overall health history. All visits include treatment with acupuncture; herbs and other modalities will be incorporated based on your preferences and the nature of your condition.

Contact Brittany for a consultation or to book an appointment:

Equipment Pilates with Ashley Richmond

AshleyPrioritizing healthy biomechanics, Ashley weaves together intelligent movement sequences that refine awareness, build strength and flexibility and enhance coordination. She encourages the ritual of daily practice and gives homework tailored to clients individual needs.

She has been studying and cultivating her teaching aesthetic for the past 15 years. During her professional dance training, she studied Anusara Yoga, Alexander, Feldenkrais and Klien techniques in-depth and now utilizes these methods in her teaching.

Her teaching is informed and influenced by extensive study and inspired by her personal practice. She believes that the beauty of movement is that it is always with us, revealing itself in the passing of time.

To book an appointment, please contact Ashley:

Feldenkrais with Dan Rindler

Dan About Feldenkrais
All of us are creatures of habit — we have familiar ways to sit stand and move. These habits can feel almost hard-wired into our systems, but they were actually learned over time. This is important because learned behaviors can be changed and improved upon. When we have no pain, we may not even notice how we move, but when we're overworked at our desk, carrying heavy bags or caring for a baby, it may become apparent that the way we move isn't working as well as it could.

Feldenkrais Method combines an understanding of body mechanics with a highly effective approach to learning how to improve upon our deep-rooted habits of posture and movement. Chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hip, knees, etc. can disappear when we address the habits of movement that caused them in the first place. This gentle but powerful approach to improving functioning through body-awareness versus treating symptoms is also helpful for those with neurological conditions, anxiety, trauma, or stress, as well as musicians, dancers and athletes looking to improve their performance.

About Dan
Dan Rindler is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® and a Certified Child'Space Practitioner/Trainer. His experience with the Feldenkrais Method® began in 1992 to address injuries he'd sustained as an musician. Dan works with clients from all ages and walks of life: from adults with chronic pain or neurological issues, to performing artists and athletes looking to improve their performance to infants with developmental delays or other concerns.

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