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Customized Therapeutic Massage

Because sessions are designed for your individual needs, we do not ask you to choose from a standard services menu. When we meet for the first time, we will discuss which techniques are most relevant to your physical and mental goals. These techniques include, but are not limited to, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, swedish & relaxation-based massage, sports massage, PNF techniques, Thai Massage, medical massage, hot stone work, aromatherapy/essential oils, and Shiatsu. Some of our therapists are more trained than others in some of these techniques, so if you're looking for one modality in particular, let us know before you book your session and we'll try and match you with the therapist most experienced in that area.

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Prenatal Massage  
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about prenatal massage.)

Among the many momentous things about pregnancy are the significant mental, physiological, and spiritual changes a woman experiences. Massage can be an effective complementary form of prenatal healthcare, offering moms-to-be a wide range of benefits. Prenatal massage can alleviate stress and promote relaxation, reduce swelling and high blood pressure, relieve musculoskeletal pain and strain, contribute to shorter, less painful labor, and facilitate postpartum recovery. And depending on each woman's own experience in her pregnancy, there is an even wider range of benefits.

We spend time before each session trying to learn as much as possible about your unique situation, and as your pregnancy progresses, we shape the massage according to whatever your specific issues are at that time.

Massage Rates

Therapeutic Massage

60-minutes - $100     |     75 minutes - $120     |     90 minutes - $140

5 pack/60 minutes - $460    |     5 pack/75 minutes - $550    |    5 pack/90 minutes - $645
10 pack/60 minutes - $875    |   10 pack/75 minutes - $1050    |    10 pack/90 minutes - $1225

Prenatal Massage

60-minutes - $110     |     75 minutes - $130     |     90 minutes - $150

5 pack/60 minutes - $505    |    5 pack/75 minutes - $600    |     5 pack/90 minutes - $690
10 pack/60 minutes - $965    |    10 pack/75 minutes - $1140   |  10 pack/90 minutes - $1315

Home Visits

When time and schedules permit, we are willing to come to your home for your massage. This service is upon request and at our discretion. Please inquire about our rates for home visits as they differ from our regular rates based on how far we have to travel, length of massage, etc.